Terms & Conditions of The Chikan Factory

Before placing any orders from our website, please carefully read the terms and conditions listed below. Your use of our service is contingent upon your acceptance of and adherence to these terms and conditions. By subscribing to or using any of our websites www.thechikanfactory.com, you agree that you have read, understood and are bound by the terms and conditions, regardless of how you subscribe to or use the services. When we refer to “you” in these terms, we mean “User,” the final user who visits the website, browses its contents and makes use of the services made available by the website. ‘Service Providers’ means independent third-party service providers, and ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’ shall mean The Chikan Factory. All explicit and implied warranties and conditions are disclaimed by The Chikan Factory, including, but not limited to, “implied warranties or conditions of information and context.”

Acceptance While Placing An Order

By placing an order from www.thechikanfactory.com, you accept that:

  1. It is lawful for you to sign a contract with The Chikan Factory.
  2. You have reached the age of majority, are at least eighteen years old, or are regarded as an adult by your city’s laws.
  3. You are a resident of one of the countries where we provide services.

Confidentiality of Information

  1. We respect the privacy of information about our associates at www.thechikanfactory.com. We do not use or share with any outside parties any information you may provide to us, including your name, address, email address, phone number, or mobile number. We also do not use or disclose information about your specific visits to our website.
  2. The Chikan Factory will not use information about you without your permission and will provide the means for you to manage and control the information that you have provided.
  3. No personal information, including passwords, credit card numbers, and bank account numbers, that might be used to personally identify you is shared by The Chikan Factory with advertisers or for any marketing and promotional reasons. For more details about our privacy policy, visit our Privacy Policy.

Contract Formation Guideline

  1. You will receive an email acknowledging receipt of your order from us as soon as you place an order. This email acknowledgment does not imply that we have approved your order. We consider your order to be an offer, subject to our decision to sell the goods. All orders are subject to availability and our approval; if we do so, we will send you another email confirming the product’s shipping. The contract between us will be recognized only when an email has been sent to you about the dispatch of the product.
  2. If your order is prepaid, we won’t proceed with processing it until payment is received. Similarly, if you haven’t answered the call that confirms your COD order, we won’t proceed with processing it.
  3. If you make a mistake when placing an order, you may only make changes as long as your purchase hasn’t left our storage facility. But if for some reason, you fail to do so, you can return the product as per the return policy mentioned on our website.
  4. We reserve the right, before entering into a contract, to reject any order you put in for any reason.
  5. When you place orders, you guarantee that the information you give us about the products or services you want to use is truthful and correct and that you use all of your senses to place the order. Additionally, by placing the order, you acknowledge that you are the cardholder on the credit or debit card that was used for the transaction. Furthermore, you guarantee that you have enough money to pay the bill in the event of a COD order.

Price and Payment

The price of the items, exclusive of shipping fees, is displayed on the website at the time of order placement. Please note that free delivery is provided on all products. purchase payment must be completed using “your chosen” method from those listed on our website. We will not ship out your purchase until we have received confirmation of a successful transaction for the entire amount paid. Product prices are subject to change at any time without prior notice, but orders that we have already accepted are not subject to these changes. We make a great effort to ensure that the order’s price is verified before we ship it, and we will promptly notify you if there is any kind of difference, such as whether the price was charged more or lower than the proper amount.

Rights and Obligations Transfer Corresponding to Contract

  1. You and The Chikan Factory, as well as our respective successors, are bound by the terms of this agreement.
  2. Transferring, assigning, charging, or otherwise disposing of a contract, or any rights or liabilities resulting from this, is prohibited without our prior written agreement.
  3. We may assign, charge, subcontract, transfer, or otherwise dispose of a contract, or any of our rights or obligations resulting therefrom, at any point during the duration of the agreement.

Delay Due to Unusual Events

When exceptional occurrences like strikes, lockouts, accidents, or anything arising from natural disasters occur, we are not liable for any failure or delay of the given product or service (Force Majeure Event).

For the duration of the Force Majeure Event, we shall have an extension of time, and during that time, our performance under any contract is deemed suspended. We shall make every effort to end the Force Majeure Event or to find a way to continue carrying out our contractual obligations despite the Force Majeure Event.

Service Unavailability

The Chikan Factory maintains the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate or suspend the service at any moment if a computer virus, bug, or other technical issues compromise the service’s security or appropriate management. The Chikan Factory reserves the right to refuse the service to anyone at any time before binding the contract.

Change in Terms and Conditions

Before making any purchases on The Chikan Factory, visitors are advised to review the terms and conditions as The Chikan Factory retains the right, in its sole discretion, to amend them at any time.

Governing Law

The laws of India shall govern and be construed by these terms of service and any other agreements whereby we give you services.

Contact Information

Questions about Terms & Conditions should be sent to us at orders www.thechikanfactory.com